Confinement- Cats

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Confinement is prevention, but equally as important, the cat can learn good habits. The room where your cat is placed needs to be a nice room in your cat’s eyes. That is, it should have shelves or cat tree to climb on, toys, and a kitty litter.

When the cat starts scratching on the scratch pole, plays with the toys, and uses the litter box you may be able to let it out into the rest of the house for short periods of time to play. If you feed the cat in the special room twice a day it will be easier to get him back into the room. It could take one to three weeks to develop new behaviors in a cat so do not let it out too soon.

Confinement can be used for kittens, adult cats, and problem cats. Kittens can learn good habits in the cat room especially if you reinforce the scratching by playing with the cat toys around the scratching pole/ tree. The kitty litter usually takes care of itself at this age if you scoop it often.

Some adult cats may be better off in confinement. This keeps most of the hair and cat stuff in one place. It is their safe place. This may also save some of your expensive furniture. It is up to you whether you want to live in the cat’s house or they get to live in yours.

If you used a cat room for a kitten it makes it easier to confine the cat for remedial behavioral training. Like if the cat stops using the box or scratched your favorite couch. You can keep the cat confined until the problem is solved. Then reintroduce the cat to the rest of the house gradually.

I once had a barn cat that got FIV and I felt it was best that we made it a house cat. Problem was we already had two house cats that were FIV negative. We taught the barn cat how to kennel up in a large dog kennel. It had a bed, water, and a litter box. The other cats were given a cat room. When the barn cat was out the other cats were confined, and vice versa. Everyone was happy. We also taught the barn cat how to walk on leash so he could go out in the flowerbeds.

Confinement if done right can be a wonderful thing.