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                Since feline claws are retractable it makes it possible to remove them without making them lame. The question is whether or not to do it? Declawing is a painful procedure no matter how it is done. While they may not be lame they can show sensitivity for a time after the procedure. So again I ask why we should do it. While some clients just say they have always had their cats declawed. Others say that they don’t want the furniture torn up. While others don’t want to get their self or family members scratched. Most vets want to do what is right for their patient. That means if it gives the feline a good home then it may be worth some discomfort.

                Behaviorally the feline likes to scratch for marking purposes as well as just for a good stretch. Teaching the cat how to use scratch poles we can save furniture. In addition if we handle the kitten socializing them they may learn not to scratch us. Also, keeping the nails trimmed will decrease any accidental scratches. There are also nail caps that can be applied that will make the cat harmless. In our busy lives some people do not want to maintain or train their cat. They want to leave food out, kitty litter, and water. People like that they can leave them for a weekend and their cat can take care of itself.

                I ask again, should we declaw cats? While it is legal to do it and it is your personal choice, it is up to your veterinarian to perform the operation as humanly as possible.