Boutique Boarding Manager

My name is Laura and I am the Boutique Boarding and Spa Manager.

I have four furbaby rescues, Molly (a boxer/mountain cur/beagle mix, ) Oswald Maxwell (an American Bully,) Crawdad Mike (a tuxedo cat), and Nikita (a Turkish angora), and 13 furry grandkids. I have been married to my husband since 1991 (!) and we have 4 children ranging from a teen to 30s. I enjoy camping, hiking, and traveling with my family.

Dr. Goodman has been my family's veterinarian since we moved here from Chicago in 2009, and in 2022 I was thrilled at the opportunity of collaborating with EBAPH to bring our clients Boutique Boarding & Spa. I have a passion for working with geriatric pets, pets who exhibit reactivity/fear-based behaviors, and those who have chronic disease/pain.

I am currently studying Certified Canine Massage Therapy at Canis Bodyworks and I am excited to incorporate bodywork into Boutique Boarding & Spa.

I am honored to be part of EBAPH, the doctors are top-notch, the team is the best I've ever worked with and our clients and patients are wonderful.