thanksgiving gathering with family and pets

Throughout the year pet owners are tasked with investigating what’s safe for their pets – and what’s not. There are some dangers that persist all the time, but many risks to our furry friends are seasonal. As for the approaching holidays, there are many things to consider for their health and safety, and our focus must include toxic table foods. After all, without a proactive approach toThanksgiving pet safety your holiday can go from peaceful to perilous in an instant.

Family First

A vast majority of pet owners consider their pets as important members of the family. As such, it’s only natural that they’d be a part of the holiday festivities, no matter how they look this year. 

There are so many wonderful things you and your pet can do together to celebrate the holidays, but sharing some foods is a serious threat to Thanksgiving pet safety.

My Plate, Your Bowl

A nibble or nab here and there may not upset your pet’s delicate digestive balance, but all it takes is one opportunity too many to land them in the hospital. 

We all know that Thanksgiving and Christmas usher in some of the fattiest, richest foods from any menu, and it’s these items that pose the greatest risk.

Pain and Inflammation

Pancreatitis occurs when the pancreas becomes inflamed after eating fatty foods. Instead of producing necessary enzymes that aid in digestion, an inflamed pancreas releases the enzymes into the surrounding tissues and faces potential pain and damage. Because pancreatitis can affect pets repeatedly, acute cases can develop into chronic ones in a short time.

Pancreatitis is a pet emergency and should be handled quickly.

Diet Disruption

Aside from the very real risk of an inflamed pancreas, feeding your pet bits and bobs from the table of good tidings can have other terrible results. Adding extra calories can disrupt their diet, and even create cravings for things they never enjoyed before. 

To avoid GI upset, additional calories, and painful bloating and inflammation, limit your pet’s tasty treats. Steamed vegetables such as carrots, green beans, and potatoes pair very well with unsweetened pumpkin and bite-sized white meat. Make a special plate just for your pet to enjoy in order to maintain top-notch Thanksgiving pet safety!

Thanksgiving Pet Safety For Keeps

The following ideas will hopefully help you steer the holiday season toward safety, not food-related illness.

  • Keep portions very small
  • Always read ingredients – for example, stuffing can contain toxic herbs, onions, and garlic
  • Be sure your pet never has access to anything made with the sugar substitute Xylitol
  • Keep the trash safe from prying paws and always take it out immediately if it contains fat, bones, gravy, or meat

Healthy Distractions

One of the best ways to establish Thanksgiving pet safety is to provide your pet with abundant opportunities for play, exercise and socialization. When their energy is all expended they are more likely to relax and behave themselves around the dinner table.

If you have additional questions about the ways you can keep your pet safe this holiday season, please let us knowWe’re here to help!