What can we expect during our first kitten visit?

During your first kitten visit, we first do a leukemia FIV test regardless of the age of the kitten. We follow the AAHA and AAFP recommendations for testing, which means we test at the time that your kitten comes in for the first time, and then we retest 60 days later to ensure that they remain negative. This is because both viruses can lay dormant or latent in the body and not show on a test right away.

Dr. Jo Goodman
Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital

What other activities will occur during the first visit?

We will play with your kitten to make them comfortable with us. We sometimes play a game called "kitten in your pocket." We will also offer them a treat like Churu to get them used to coming to the vet.

What is the vaccine schedule for kittens?

We follow the AAHA, AAFP vaccination schedule, which typically means that we vaccinate every three to four weeks until they're over the age of 16 weeks. Their last visit will be when they receive their rabies vaccine. The vaccines include the core vaccine called the FVRCP (upper respiratory viruses) and feline leukemia.

Is there a need for a fecal sample during the visit?

Yes, we run a fecal sample to look for intestinal parasites. These parasites migrate through the body. We have to deworm them multiple times throughout their kitten series because we can only deworm for the part actually in the intestinal tract.

How do cats get tapeworms?

Tapeworms are considered the lurking parasite. Cats groom the fleas off of them and swallow them. The flea hosts the tapeworm inside itself, and once the flea is digested in the stomach, it releases the tapeworm.

What other topics will be discussed during the visit?

We'll talk about enrichment on your first visit as well, along with all of the medical things. We'll discuss toys, climbing trees, and all kinds of different things that will interact with your kitten to mimic their natural behavior.

Will there be any offers during the first visit?

Yes, we'll discuss heartworm flea tick prevention for your kitten. We'll give you a free dose at your first kitten visit!

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