What is your number one tip for managing the cost of vet visits?

At Evendale-Blue Ash in Cincinnati, Ohio, we recommend that you call ahead whenever possible for treatment plans, particularly for wellness visits or scheduled rechecks. Give us a call, so we can tell you what to expect in terms of costs.

Practice Manager & VTS - Jen Menninger
Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital

What benefit does calling ahead for treatment plans provide?

Calling ahead helps our team assist you in knowing what to expect, and if needed, recommendations can be made to break up the expenses by scheduling certain services for later dates.

What is Care Credit and how can it be utilized for vet visits?

Care Credit is a line of credit that can only be used for medical expenses. It offers a six-month promotion where if you pay your full invoice within six months, no interest is charged. It also has a 24-month payback option at a reduced financing rate. Visit our CareCredit page to learn more!

What tool does Care Credit offer to help plan payments?

Care Credit offers a payment calculator that can calculate the expected expense for your pet's visit and the monthly payments required, helping you plan the best option.

What is another financial option for managing vet costs?

Another financial option for managing vet costs is pet insurance.

What should be considered when looking into pet insurance?

When looking into pet insurance, careful research needs to be done to understand what the plan covers, whether it's only wellness or sickness or both, and whether there are any pre-existing conditions that your pet wouldn't be qualified for.

Pet insurance is a great option to make caring for your pet affordable, and ensure that they receive the care they need, when they need it. With most pet insurance plans, you pay the veterinarian upfront and are reimbursed by your insurance provider after filing a claim. To compare pet insurance provider options, visit Pawlicy Advisor.

What resource can help in comparing different pet insurance options?

Pawlicy Advisor can help in comparing different pet insurance companies, plans, and what they cover.  

How can Pawlicy Advisor assist in making a decision about pet insurance?

Pawlicy Advisor can provide side-by-side comparisons of different companies and plans, give quotes, and provide information on payment policies, such as whether the insurance requires you to pay upfront and get reimbursed or has a more upfront payment policy.

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