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Compassionate Care for Senior Pets

Elderly dog on grass

We have a soft spot for senior pets at Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital. We understand that they need extra attention and care, which is why we recommend wellness visits twice a year. Frequent veterinary care is an important part of helping your furry family member stay healthy as they age.

We all love our pets immensely and they are very much a part of the family. Sometimes we think they age like we do but this is far from the case. Cats and small dogs are considered old by the time they are 7 years of age. Larger breed dogs tend to have shorter life spans so they are old from age 6.

At Evendale-Blue Ash, we take the time to build a lasting relationship with your pet so we can provide the best medical care possible throughout their lifetime. Our pet geriatric services include preventive bloodwork and pain management as well as therapeutic care and acupuncture services.

Changes in Older Pets

As your furry family member gets older, watch for behavioral changes or signs of pain that may indicate your pet may need extra veterinary care. Some of these changes may include:

  • Changes in eating or drinking habits
  • Problems with mobility or flexibility
  • Change in sleeping routine
  • Increase in aggressive or irritable behavior
  • Urination and hygiene issues
  • Lack of interest in exercise or other activities
  • Increase in repetitive behavior

To schedule a wellness exam for your senior pet, please call us at (513) 563-0410 or request an appointment online.