Top 4 Ways to Socialize Your Pets

A golden retriever on a dinner patio

Socialization is a basic component of responsible pet ownership, but it doesn’t mean “teaching your pets to be social.” Instead, socialization for pets means exposing them to different situations, people, and animals. This socialization helps them build confidence and results in pets that are less stressed when it’s time for vet visits and other adventures. 

If you’re looking for the best ways to socialize a dog or the best ways to socialize a cat, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for tips on how to socialize a dog and how to socialize a cat from our team at Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital.


Should You Give Someone a Young Pet As a Gift?

An orange cat sits under a holiday tree.

It is downright magical to give joy to another human being. It is this feeling that motivates a lot of our gift giving this holiday season. And while giving a pet as a gift to someone else might seem like the best idea ever, a positive outcome isn’t guaranteed. Fortunately, there are other meaningful options for the animal lover on your list, and we’re happy to share them with you. 


How tPEMF Therapy and the Assisi Loop Can Help with Pet Wellness

A grey and white tabby cat looks content outside.

Who doesn’t like options? When it comes to pet wellness and quality of life, your team at Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital loves to bring our clients the best and latest in veterinary medicine. Options like Targeted pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (tPEMF) therapy for pets bring a whole new tool to the table.

Keep reading to learn how tPEMF therapy for pets can help with things like natural pain management for pets and pet anxiety.


I Found a Cat, Now What? Caring for Feral Cats and Kittens

Group of homeless kittens on the street.

We are all animal lovers at Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital, and we definitely understand how impossible it is to leave a pet in need stranded. Sometimes it is hard to know what to do when you find a stray animal, though. If you have found an errant cat, you may be wondering about caring for feral cats and kittens. Like with many things, though, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. 


We Like to Move It, Move It: Exercise Tips for Overweight Dogs

Fat dog lying on floor.

When it comes to pet weight loss, our team at Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital knows that it really is about calories in and calories out. When you have a pet who is packing a few extra pounds, though, the activity component of weight loss can be a little overwhelming. If you are thinking “how do I help my overweight dog lose weight,” read on to find our top exercise tips for overweight dogs.


Grooming Your Dog At Home: Yay or Nay?

A labrador getting a bath at home

Keeping your dog clean and tidy is an important component of responsible pet ownership. Not only do they look and smell nice, they feel great, too! Certainly some breeds, like doodle mixes and other long-haired breeds, benefit from grooming every 4–6 weeks. For a dog owner on a budget, it may be tough to maintain regular professional grooming appointments. Grooming your dog at home is a worthwhile endeavor, and when it’s done properly, you add vitality to your pup’s daily life. 


A Good Samaritan’s Guide to Treating Kittens with Fleas

A kitten scratching.

There really isn’t much that can compare to finding that tiny kitten and providing it with the love it needs to get off to a great start. Finding that that tiny kitten is a host to hundreds of little flea friends, though, is less than heart-warming. Treating kittens with fleas can be a little tricky, but Evendale-Blue Ash Animal Hospital has you covered. 


Function or Folly? How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

A tabby cat plays on his phone while using the toilet.

Cats are incredible at litter box training. In fact, most cats require little-to-no introduction to their box and tend to employ it without any challenges. Unless you detest scooping the litter or the mess/smell it can create, it may seem unnecessary or ridiculous to consider toilet training a cat. Maybe your cat shows an interest in the bathroom and is keen to pick up new skills. Whatever the case may be, training your cat to use the toilet (in addition to or instead of their litter box), could be fun and satisfying for both of you.


Kitty Like to Scratch? How to Trim Your Cat’s Claws

Trimming cat's claws.

There are quite a few physical characteristics belonging to the feline species. Pointed ears, attuned tail, twitchy whiskers, focused eyes, and of course, their retractable claws. Built for sneaking up on prey, climbing, and self-defense, their claws are pretty “handy.” Unfortunately, this could mean all manner of domestic textiles are up for grabs. Your cat’s claws might also become problematic during playtime, but not when you carefully and routinely tend to them.