A common misconception is that, if an animal isn’t exhibiting certain tell-tale symptoms, they are the picture of health. In other words, if it “ain’t broke”, don’t fix it. 

Sadly, many pet owners do not realize their beloved pet is sick or injured until it becomes too late for preventative measures. The regularity of pet wellness exams (once a year, and twice annually for pets over 6) helps us support lifelong health, detect problems early on in development, and treat conditions before they get out of hand. 

Hiding Signs

Animals are hardwired to mask signs of weakness, so you may not necessarily see that they aren’t feeling well. Indeed, it can be difficult to ascertain if a pet’s teeth and gums hurt, or their joints are aching – until, that is, they stop eating or jumping onto the bed. By that time, it can be challenging to stay in front of progessive diseases like periodontal disease or osteoarthritis.

Pet Wellness to the Rescue

Each moment we have with your pet, we gain insight into the behavior and personality. What’s more, we can catch any problems percolating beneath the surface. In other words, pet wellness exams are opportunities to assess current health and reinforce good patterns for the future.

Nose to Tail

We look at and feel every part of your pet’s body. A “nose to tail” exam includes a hard look at the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, lymph nodes, heart, lungs, abdomen, and musculoskeletal system. If we see any abnormalities, we have a chance to discuss with you in detail and make our recommendations.

A Word on Dental Health

Since a majority of pets age 3 and above have at least one stage of periodontal disease (out of four), we take special care of tending to your pet’s teeth and gums. Left alone, periodontal disease can affect the liver, heart and kidneys, and causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Oral health is a major component to pet wellness, and we will take time to talk about proper care at home.

Nutrition and Weight

There are certain risks to overweight and obese pets, and a sharp decrease in a pet’s weight can indicate larger problems. As a result, we take your pet’s weight at every pet wellness exam and compare it to previous visits. If there are any weight changes we can suggest different food recommendations, or order diagnostics that may help us get to the bottom of weight changes.

Disease Prevention

Pet wellness exams are critically important to safeguarding them from contagious disease. Updating their vaccinations and keeping them on monthly parasite prevention medication are important defenses against disease. 

Health, Happiness and Safety

At Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital, we can accommodate all of your pet’s needs. If they are hurting or recovering from illness, injury, or surgery we can treat them with laser therapy and/or acupuncture. We know how important your pets are to you, and look forward to the opportunity to keep them healthy, happy and safe for many years to come.