Why should it matter to us that your practice is AAHA accredited?

The AAHA stands for American Animal Hospital Association. It is a voluntary organization, meaning that veterinarians are not required to be a part of it. However, those who choose to join are essentially committing to the highest level of patient care and are regularly inspected to ensure this standard is maintained.

Practice Manager - Jen
Evendale-Blue Ash Pet Hospital

What does the AAHA logo represent?

When you see the AAHA logo, it signifies that the hospital operates at a high standard of patient care. This encompasses everything from vaccine protocols, client communication protocols, anesthesia procedures, and more.

How can we learn more about AAHA and its standards?

To learn more about AAHA and its standards, look forward to some follow-up videos where I will delve into what these standards entail, or you can visit the AAHA website at aaha.org.

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